International delivery via Russian Post Service.

Orders are delivered worldwide, from Russia to your closest post office.

Delivery cost is 1000 rubles regardless of a destination or an order size.

Approximate delivery period is from 2 weeks to 2 months.

Maximal value of an order is 20 000 rubles.

Attention! In order to process an international delivery, you need to enter a country name in the “Country” field and fill in all of the appeared fields in English.

For example, to send a package to the USA, enter United States in the “Country” field, or Thailand to send to Thailand.

Note that:

  • import of some products can be restricted or limited to certain countries, that is why after your order is processed, some of the contents can be removed at customs. In this case you will receive a full refund;
  • there are various tax-free thresholds in different countries, so if your package exceeds it, there might be some additional fees included;
  • the service is not available for Energy Diet Smart in European countries.

Receiving the package

When your order is delivered to a closest post office, you will receive a delivery notification or you will be contacted by one of the post office workers.

  • To receive a package, you will have to present your passport or any other ID of a person registered in the delivery application.
  • Please, check the package and its wrapping, see if there is company’s branded tape.
  • Sign the documents only in case the wrapping looks decent.

If there are damages or some of the contents are missing, fill in a special form, indicate what products are missing and give a detailed description of the damage.

For any questions regarding delivery, please send a message through your Personal office, or contact us on: