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Coffee Shake The aroma of freshly ground coffee for a perfect start to your day 1990 ₽
RASPBERRY Energy Diet. Mix for preparation of cocktail with raspberry flavor 1990 ₽
Banana Shake The traditional taste of a refreshing banana smoothie 1990 ₽
Oatmeal porridge Thick and creamy porridge is a perfect breakfast 2100 ₽
Vanilla Shake The taste of ice cream from your childhood days 1990 ₽
Cappuccino Shake The rich taste of coffee with whipped milk 1990 ₽
Strawberry Shake The sweet taste of ripe forest berries 1990 ₽
Chocolate Shake The elegant taste and aroma of hot chocolate 1990 ₽
Mushroom soup Cream soup with mushroom flavor 1990 ₽
Chicken soup Chicken cream-soup with vegetables and spices 1990 ₽
Omelette Fluffy and tender omelette with golden crust 2100 ₽
Порционный контейнер Пластиковый контейнер с крышкой 120 ₽
Бумажные стаканчики Одноразовые стаканчики Energy Diet 40 ₽