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Hydrogel patches with camellia extract skin hydrobalance 1290 ₽
Hydrogel patches with bioactive gold lifting effect 1290 ₽
Hydrogel patches with sakura extract antioxidant protection 1290 ₽
Instant aid mask intense care for sensitive and irritated skin 595 ₽
Anti-age control mask intense care for skin with loss of elasticity and laxity signs 595 ₽
Charcoal detox-effect mask Intensive cleansing care 595 ₽
Shine control mask Intense care for problem and oily-prone skin 595 ₽
Hydro active aqua-booster serum Intense care for dehydrated and dry skin 1190 ₽
Anti couperose and pigmentation serum Intense care for even skin tone 1190 ₽
Lifting effect serum Intense care for skin with loss of elasticity and laxity signs 1350 ₽
Multivitamin serum Instant transformation 1190 ₽
Cell recovery serum Intense care for tired skin with aging signs 1350 ₽
Eye area serum Mimic wrinkles and dark circles treatment 900 ₽
Comforting foam face wash Intense hydration 595 ₽
shine control Cleansing gel 595 ₽
Skin Renewal Scrub Deep cleansing 500 ₽
Revitalizing collagen cream Night care 1380 ₽
Collagen regenerative cream Night anti-age care 1380 ₽
Lip care balm SPF20 470 ₽
Complex action hand cream Compact package 180 ₽