About us


Nl International is a global brand, that has direct sales entities worldwide.

We unite ambitious people, offering a unique opportunity to build up their own business in a partnership with NL International.

We create and promote products to improve peoples' quality of life. We do this so there are more and more successful people, leading the example of each other and making the world a better place.

We are:

  • International MLM company
  • Over 15 years in Europe
  • More than 20 countries
  • Over 400 000 managers
  • EUR 100,000,000 global sales revenue
  • More than 1 200 000 customers
  • Over 300 offices

Our business offer is for everyone who:

  • Strives to be entrepreneurs
  • Is ambitious
  • Is active
  • Wants unlimited income
  • Looks for passive income