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Black Star Wear & NL International T-shirt

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Black Star Wear & NL International T-shirt

Size L

The exclusive joint collection by Black Star и NL International, the top brand companies, is like an art, that inspires you to move only forward. Quality materials, combined with comfort are meant for both men and women. Its unique design, which is saucy and restrained at the same time, fully represents the individuality of the brands and appeals to you right away.

Size L

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This unique collection will match any lifestyle. Totally-black color combined with bright-yellow brings self-confidence, creating a unique look. Soft and natural materials will make it absolutely comfortable to wear.


  • Those, who love stylish and comfortable clothes.
  • Those, who follow the latest fashion trends.
  • Unique, extraordinary and independent people.
  • Those, who appreciate the freedom of self-expression.
  • Maximum comfort.
  • Exclusive design, developed especially for Black Star и NL International collection.
  • Classy unisex clothing.
  • High quality Black Star brand clothes.
  • Wide range of sizes.

100% Cotton

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