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Folding cosmetic mirror

Ограниченная серия
Folding cosmetic mirror

This folding, pocket mirror is a necessary tool for every-day use. Due to its compact size, it fits even the smallest purse. It consists of 2 mirror sides: one is regular, another is magnifying. Stylish and trendy design, packed in a velvet case.

Size: 7,5 x 7,5 cm

150 ₽
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Small and convenient folding mirror is a perfect makeup tool. Has two sides: regular and magnifying. Stylish and brief, packed in a velvet case, it is a perfect gift to a friend or colleague.  


Those, who like compact things.

Those, who are used to keep an eye on their makeup during the day.

Those, who like trendy design.

Those, who is used to put makeup in different situations.

  • It lets you do a detailed makeup in any situation.
  • Ergonomic form is easy to hold in hand.
  • Unique design with TenX logo.
  • Strong and solid frame. 
  • Pleasant texture.

Metal, glass

Can be used as an accessory for makeup