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Whole-bean coffee DECAF

A mixture of 3 varieties of selective medium-roasted Arabica, cultivated at the best coffee plantations, has a rich and intense taste with a slight sour hint and a balanced aftertaste. Such coffee doesn’t contain caffeine, but still has a traditional deep taste of a familiar drink.

Net weight: 200 g

Made in Russia

350 ₽
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This blend consists of single origin selective Arabica from Guatemala, Mexico and Colombia.

Decaf coffee is suitable for everyone:

  • During pregnancy and lactation.
  • In case of high blood pressure.
  • In case of caffeine intolerance.
  • In case of nervous irritability

Medium roast makes the beverage flavor tangy, saving, at the same time, its mild taste and full-bodied aroma.

Standard medium coffee grind is suitable for the most popular coffee types. It has an excellent taste and easily stays in coffee filters.


  • Those, who know about coffee.
  • Those, who need energy.
  • Those, appreciate beans quality and roast.
  • Those, appreciate beans quality and roast.
  • Specialty coffee type is choice coffee beans from the world-class plantations. Such coffee is grown in ecologically clean areas and is harvested manually. Beans are thoroughly sorted according to the size and quality, then processed naturally. Only 10% of world’s coffee correspond to such high quality.
  • Roasting- each coffee type is roasted differently in a special and unique way, certified by roast experts.
  • Decaf - rich taste of quality coffee without limits. 
  • Grinding and packaging right after roasting saves the original taste and rich flavor of coffee beans.
  • Each package has a degassing valve, which releases carbon dioxide and doesn’t let oxygen in, saving original coffee flavor and taste, while stored.

100% Arabica

Recommended directions for use. 

  • Prepare in a coffee machine, using your favorite mode and enjoy.
  • Pour 250 ml of boiled water over 4 teaspoons of coffee in a French press*, steep for 4 minutes. Enjoy.

*8 teaspoons per 500 ml of water.