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Energy Slim

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Energy Slim

Innovative weight loss program

Energy slim program activates natural weight loss mechanism, stimulates metabolic and fat burning processes. More than that energy slim products help to control appetite and develop correct eating habits. Losing weight with Energy Slim is easy and effective.

  • Made in Russia
Draining Drink DrainEffect

20 sticks 8,5 g

Natural appetite controlling product FoodControl

20 sticks 12,9 g

Metabolic activating product Metabolic

40 capsules 400 mg

Body shape building product BodyShape

40 capsules 400 mg

2900 ₽
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4 easy steps.

For effective weight loss you need an integrated approach. Energy Slim program enables all basic weight loss mechanisms and activates different body systems in the right order.

Step 1

Drain Effect 

  • Drains all unnecessary liquid from the body
  • Reduces swellings
  • Lowers weight

Starts effective weight loss process 

Step 2


  • Natural appetite control product
  • Helps to control your appetite
  • Develops correct eating habits.

Helps to reduce one portion to 30-50%

Step 3


  • Metabolic process activator
  • Stimulates metabolic and fat burning processes
  • Kilos go away

Helps with fat into energy conversion

Step 4

Body Shape 

  • Body shape building product
  • Improves body fitness, helps to keep muscle and skin tone.
  • Prevents fat storage

Helps to keep the obtained results


  • Those who want to lose weight easily
  • Those who want to control appetite
  • Those who want to get rid of swellings
  • Those who want to speed up metabolism
  • Those who want a guaranteed result

1. Natural

Product action is based on natural plant components. Additives and preservatives free.

2. Developed by experts

Energy Slim products are created by nutrition experts who know what exactly doesn’t let you lose weight.

3. Integrated solution

Energy Slim Program activates natural processes of fat burning step by step.

4. Proven

The effectiveness of products is confirmed by:

  • Clinical studies of DSM Nutritional Products company
    • The amount of consumed food reduces to 30%
    • Keeps you full for up to 5 hours
  • Results of voluntary testing of the program with independent experts:
    • Weight loss of up to 8 cm in 25 days
    • Correct eating habits development, and 100% reduction of craving for sweet and fat food

Drain Effect

  • Aloe reduces water retention in body
  • Prickly pear helps with water retention reduction, removes swellings, has diuretic effect, maximizes kidney cleansing.
  • Lemongrass and white tea activate the processes of microcirculation and stimulate movement of body fluids
  • Aloe and rhubarb resets digestive system and serves as bowel cleanser
  • Mint stimulates bile circulation helps with liver cleansing.
  • Maltodextrin, fructose and palatinose provide energy for daily activities(fructose) for longer time (palatinose, Maltodextrin)


Fructose, maltodextrin, palatinose, plant extracts mixture (white tea extract, lemongrass extract, pepper mint extract), nature-identical flavoring, aloe vera concentrate, rhubarb extract, prickly pear extract, citric acid (acidity regulator).


  • Konjak fibres expand significantly, fill stomach, preventing you from overeating.
  • Fabulessтм affects hunger receptors and reduces appetite.

Ingredients: Fabuless DE (dry emulsion), fructose, maltodextrin palatinose, фруктоза, konjac gum fruit extracts mixture (elderberry, hibiscus, lemon peel, orange peel, rose hips), nature-identical flavorings (raspberry, creamy vanilla).


  • White and green tea, green coffee and L-tyrosine activate metabolic process, complementing each other.
  • Vitamin PP, cayenne pepper, ginger, black pepper and chromium picolinate attack fat storage and help to burn it.

Ingredients: Green coffee extract, L-tyrosine, ginger extract, green tea extract, white tea extract, filler (microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, calcium stearate), cayenne pepper extract, black pepper extract, vitamin PP, chromium picolinate, hard gelatin capsule (gelatin, colorants: titanium dioxide, indigo carmine). 


  • CLA (Conjugated linoleic acidcombined with physical activity keeps muscle and skin tone, prevents fat from storing and stimulates energy production
  • Raspberry ketone increases the effect of CLA, stimulates thermogenesis, helps with fat splitting.
  • Chromium picolinate helps to control appetite, preventing overeating

Ingredients: Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), raspberry extract, vitamin B10 (p-amino-benzoic acid), zink citrate, filler (microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, calcium stearate), vitamin pp, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, chromium picolinate, hard gelatin capsule (gelatin, colorants: titanium dioxide, iron oxide red). 


Drain Effect

Use: 1 stick 2 times a day, preferably in the morning.

Directions: Mix contents with 200 ml of room-temperature water.

For a better result supplement your diet with functional nutrition Energy Diet

Food Control

Use: 1 stick 2 times a  day 30-60 min before dinner or lunch.

Directions: Mix contents with 100 ml of warm (40-50оС) water, stir rapidly, consume right after preparation. It is recommended to drink 1 extra glass of water during the next 30-40 min.

For a better result supplement your diet with functional nutrition Energy Diet


Directions: 1 capsule 2 times a day after substantial meal.

DO NOT take on empty stomach!

For a better result supplement your diet with functional nutrition Energy Diet

Body Shape

Use: 2 capsules 2 times a day

For better results combine with physical activity and supplement your diet with functional nutrition Energy Diet

Recommended products


Still water, black, green, herbal tea, black coffee without sugar (not more than 1 cup a day for both coffee and tea)

Protein dishes

White poultry meat, non-fat beef, non-fat fish, seafood, soy products, eggs.

1 serving- 150g


1 serving-250g

Side-dishes/steamed vegetables

Buckwheat, fine-ground barley, oat, pearl barley, lentils, steamed vegetables.

Eggplants, squashes, pumpkins, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, soy sprouts, green beans, Bulgarian pepper, radish, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, greens (parsley, dill, spinach, onion, lettuce)

1 serving= up to 200g

Fats (not more than 2 tablespoons a day)

Olive / vegetable oil

Contraindications for DrainEffect, FoodControl, BodyShape:

Not recommended for children under 18, during pregnancy and lactation. In case of any individual ingredients intolerance.

Contraindications for Metabolic: 

Not recommended for children under 18, during pregnancy and lactation, in case of anxiety irritability, insomnia, arterial hypertension or individual ingredients intolerance.