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Textile Conditioner

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Textile Conditioner

Natural Fabric softener

Natural fabric softener, suitable for all types of fabric. It makes clothes soft and good-looking, reduces static electricity, makes ironing process easy.

Size: 500 ml

Made in Austria

185 ₽
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Textile Conditioner saves color, fabric texture, extending clothes’ lifespan and keeping them good looking for a longer time.  

  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Valuable.
  • Safe for human and environment.


  • Those, who care about their family’s health.
  • Those, who don’t like strong smells.
  • Those, who care about the ingredients.
  • Those, who care about the environment.
  • Those, who realize, that high quality helps to save money.
  • Softens laundry and eliminates static electricity.
  • Increases soil and stain resistance.
  • Saves texture and color.
  • Natural ingredients, natural surfactants.
  • Harmless for skin, rinses clean.
  • Suitable for baby clothes.
  • Environmentally friendly: biodegradable formula.
  • Valuable: 1 wash is 14 ₽
  • European quality, corresponds to world quality standards.

Water, 5-15% of cationic surfactant, aloe-vera, preservatives (benzisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone).

Sort laundry by color, fabric type and soil level.

  • For machine washing add 20 ml (1/2 cap). Use a general detergent unit or a special softener unit in your washing machine.
  • For hand washing use 10 ml (1/4 cap) per 10 water liters.

Suitable for color and dark fabrics (cotton, denim, microfiber).

Effective in all water temperatures up to 90 °С even in hard water.

Do not use if intolerant to any of the ingredients.